Bushfit challenge

i’m 100% sure i can’t complete any of this except the 5k in 50 minutes at this moment in time, but it’s a cool thing to work incrementally up to. and anyway, once you’re able to do it easy, you’re prettymuch fit as we need to be.

i suggest thinking up an aquatic paddling version of this too, with maybe a skills-related kicker at the end instead of push-ups and sit-ups. like maybe “paddle 5k, then you have x minutes to do 50 mountain climbers, tie 5 crucial knots perfectly, and hang your hammock. you know how brain shit shuts down in times of physical stress. i think that’d be a great way to preserve brain elasticity AND i guarantee your lorchcraft will be on point.

i think if we busted both the land and water ones twice a week til april we would absolutely crush Cumberland or whatever island we wanted. (bearing in mind there’s no way i’m doing anything with 50lbs on my back for the foreseeable)

what say you?

Capers Island SC

Caper’s island is 3 miles long and half mile wide (not counting the marsh) with and area of 1.6 sq miles. Marsh side landing opportunities will be limited to a dock on Schooner Creek, about halfway up the island. Beachside landings seem like the way to go here.

Here’s an overview of the paddle I have in mind. Definitely tide dependent.


For fishing, in addition to the marsh creeks there is Copahee Sound nearby. Check out this video if you’re curious as to what is out there. There is occasionally some discussion on the Charlestonfishing.com forums about this place.

Looks like hanging spots won’t be too hard to find. Take a look at the picture below, also check it out on Google maps. If that isn’t hammock hangs for days then I don’t know what is.


It doesn’t look like there is any fresh water there, so we’ll need to bring plenty. The impoundment at the south end of the island has a tide gate, so I imagine it’s at least somewhat salty. No facilities, the island is almost entirely undeveloped. Also the description from sctrails.com mentioned that while there are about 5 miles of trails on the island they may be overgrown, especially with poision ivy and poison oak. Also, much like Cumberland Island, bring PLENTY of insect repellent.